About Us


MyEZInstall was formed by HVAC industry professionals, for industry professionals and consumers. With decades of combined experience in Manufacturing, Distribution, Ecommerce, Retail, Contracting and Technology, we are developing solutions to help the HVAC industry evolve as a whole.


We are a technology company as well as a national network of independently-owned, licensed HVAC contractors. We provide industry solutions for connecting consumer-direct purchases of HVAC equipment with contractors who are willing to properly quote and provide installation services. Technology is changing consumer buying habits, which is changing the supply chain as a whole. Our solutions make it easier for the industry to adapt to this technology driven change.


If you’re in the industry, you know that this is happening right now. Big businesses are entering the market and consolidation within the industry is already taking place. Every HVAC business is faced with embracing these changes or being left behind. Our solutions are in place so you can start taking advantage today.


We are able to integrate our network with any quality supplier that is wanting to sell HVAC products directly to consumers, while abiding by manufacturer standards. Our technology integrates seamlessly into point-of-purchase processes to maintain an optimal user experience for consumers.


Because we care. We care about the industry and the quality businesses and workers within it. We care about consumers and their experience with our industry. We care about making the thought of technology a welcome one. We care about making it easy on you.

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