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Join our network for free.

Once your application is approved, your business will be listed with us at no cost to you. Our network search engine will be used by visitors to our website, our e-commerce partner sites, and other quality retail / etail outlets.

Establish the appropriate install price, on every job.

Every job is different. There are many factors that affect your labor costs. That’s why we leave the quoting to you. Set your own price on every job based on your consultation with the customer and the details we provide with your leads.

Approve your customer’s purchase prior to install.

Your leads will typically include some details regarding the customer's product purchase. We inform customers on the importance of providing you with their product & application details during the quoting process. If you discover they ordered the wrong product, they will work with their supplier to have it replaced so you can proceed with quoting the installation.

Increase your exposure within your service areas.

Every year, customers are buying thousands of HVAC systems directly from suppliers nationwide. The trend is growing. In the age of technology, it’s both costly and difficult to reach those customers at point-of-purchase to offer your services. Our network integrates with suppliers during their checkout process so you can capture those leads when they need you most.

Secure lifelong customers.

The customers we refer to you are yours to keep. When you win a job, we encourage you to offer your own Extended Service Agreements so you can retain them for future business.

Tips for your Success:

Be thorough when signing-up

Providing thorough and accurate information during your sign-up will ensure that your business information is properly displayed so customers can easily reach you.

Respond to leads quickly

When you receive a new lead, contacting the customer right away will increase your chances of winning their business.

Deliver your quotes in person

Customers want to feel comfortable with their installer, and we want you to feel comfortable with the job. We don’t require it, but we highly recommend visiting the job location prior to quoting the installation.

Offer a labor guarantee

Once you agree that the customer has the right product for their application, offering a labor guarantee will help reassure customers that you stand behind your work. Doing so may also help you win jobs without lowering your prices.

Always register the warranty

Keep your customers happy and avoid potential future hassles. Every time you complete an install, assist the customer with registering their warranty before you leave the job site.

Provide us with feedback

We’re always looking to improve. You can help us do so by providing your feedback in our installer surveys or by sending us an email.

HVAC is evolving. We are ready.

Suppliers are selling to consumers.

The trend of customers buying HVAC products directly from suppliers (online and in-store) is growing. Every year, thousands of customers nationwide are buying their new systems online. Big-box retailers and major e-commerce sites are entering the market with great success. All of these suppliers need a national network of licensed contractors willing to install consumer-direct purchases and none of them have one. We are their solution and we make it easy for them to work with us.

Manufacturers want to support it.

Data shows that people buying systems direct are choosing higher efficiencies and more accessories. That being the case, manufacturers are starting to support consumer-direct sales, but before they’ll be willing to go all-in, they need the support of their dealers. We connect customers with premium dealers for the brands they buy.

You can take advantage right now.

Most, if not all of these customers require a licensed install for their manufacturer warranty to be valid, and they know it. Our supplier partners educate their customers on that fact during the purchase process, and integrate our network search engine into their checkout process. We bring you customers when they need your services most.