Do you need a licensed Heating & Air Conditioning Installer?

We can help you find some in your area to quote your install.

Your new HVAC products most likely need to be installed by a licensed contractor.
That’s why we are here.

How it works...

Search & Select

Search & Select

We’ll help you search for licensed HVAC contractors in your area to provide you with a quote for your installation.

Discuss & Review

Discuss & Review

The installers you select will contact you to provide a quote for your installation. Review their proposals and choose who you want to work with.

Install & Enjoy

Install & Enjoy

Decide who you want to perform your install and enjoy your new purchase with a valid manufacturer warranty.

Congratulations on your new purchase!

What happens next?

Now it's time to have those products installed by a licensed contractor. We can help connect you with professionals in your area to assist you with the installation process.

Contact us now and we'll start helping you find local, licensed HVAC contractors to quote your installation. Your comfort is right around the corner!

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Why do you need a licensed Installer?

There are 3 important factors in determining your overall satisfaction with your new Heating & Cooling system:

  1. If your installation is not performed by a fully licensed professional, the manufacturer will not honor your warranty in the event something goes wrong.
  2. If your system is improperly sized, it will not perform as intended by the manufacturer and you won’t get what you paid for.
  3. Improperly installed HVAC products could result in serious damage to your home or business and/or the people in it.

About our Network

The contractors in our network are all fully licensed to perform complete HVAC system installations, and the technicians performing the installation have been subject to background checks by their employers. We partner with manufacturer-approved, consumer-direct suppliers so that when consumers are purchasing HVAC systems & products, they can easily find licensed contractors in their area to quote the installation.

Our business is built on helping the industry as a whole. With the growing trend of consumer-direct HVAC purchases, MyEZInstall is here to help ensure that everyone in the supply chain benefits.

Tips for a successful Installation

Know your products. When talking with potential installers, be sure to have a list of everything you purchased as part of your system package, including brand & model numbers for all equipment and accessories.
Know your application. It will save you time and help your installer confirm that you purchased the right products for your home or application if you know the details. These details can include square footage, ceiling height, number of windows, etc.
Know your Installer. In addition to putting you directly in touch with the installer, we provide their Better Business Bureau (BBB) information whenever possible. We also recommend doing your own research on the installers we refer to you.
Register your Warranty. Once your installation is complete, we recommend that you have the installer help you register your manufacturer's warranty. You will need their company & license information to complete this process, regardless of brand.