Are You An E-Commerce Website (E-Store) Interested In Selling HVAC Products To Consumers?

If so, you need a National Network of Licensed Installers.

That’s why we’re here.

MyEZInstall is a national network of licensed HVAC contractors, willing to quote and provide installation services to customers who purchase their products directly from manufacturer approved e-commerce websites (E-Stores).

Our technology product for HVAC e-commerce sites (the E-Store API) integrates with any e-commerce technology stack, allowing online shoppers to connect with their installer(s) of choice right as they’re making their HVAC product purchase.

Why is it necessary?

Websites that currently/want to sell HVAC systems need access to a national network of licensed installers for a number of reasons. Most importantly, manufacturers generally can’t honor their warranty to the customer if the product purchased isn’t installed by a licensed contractor (when the warranty requires it) and something goes wrong.

Websites currently selling HVAC products online face these common issues every day, all of which the E-Store API can help fix:

  1. Customers calling customer service multiple times seeking a licensed installer in their area.
  2. Customers with invalid warranties due to an unlicensed or undocumented installations.
  3. Customers complaining about an improperly "sized" or functioning system.
  4. Restocking and return costs associated with improperly ordered products.
  5. Negative online reviews related to delivery, installation, and warranty issues.

We’re ready to work with you.

Our network of licensed contractors are ready to serve your customers, and our E-Store API is being designed to easily integrate with your purchase process, right on your website. Click below to begin the application process!

Introducing the E-Store API (BETA)

Built to benefit you, so you can benefit the HVAC industry.

The E-Store API is designed to integrate seamlessly with your online purchase process so your customers can search for, and request contact from, licensed installers in their area when they make their purchase. You can begin the integration process at any time by clicking the “E-STORE SIGN-UP” buttons on this page. The application, integration and testing processes in all can take up to two months, and the results will be well worth it. Don’t miss your chance to take advantage during the upcoming peak HVAC season!

Stay ahead. Apply during our BETA phase.

If you apply for access to the E-Store API during the BETA phase (now!) you’ll be able to get an understanding of its benefits while testing and providing feedback during our final stages of development. The BETA phase includes informative email updates, questionnaires and surveys, and direct video conferences with our Development Team. That way, when the network goes live after BETA (Summer 2018), your site will be integrated, educated, tested and ready to go!

E-Store API Benefits:

  • Gain access to quality HVAC brands that are willing to work with your site. Our network is the solution that allows them to do so.
  • Improve your customers' overall HVAC shopping experience, leading to better ratings and reviews.
  • Reduce your liability by drastically improving the chances that the warranties are valid for the products you’re selling on your website.
  • Increase your profitability by adopting Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) programs set forth by manufacturers.
  • Receive more favor and support from the HVAC industry because with MyEZInstall, you’re supporting the traditional supply chain.

How It Works

1. Get Approved, Get A National Network of Contractors:
Once your application is approved, your business and its customers will be granted access to our national network of licensed, professional HVAC contractors. You’ll soon be well positioned to overcome the challenges of B2C online HVAC sales!

2. API Integration. It’s EZ:
Our API Integration is light, versatile, and it has been in testing with actual E-Stores for its entire development. It can be customized to fit your site’s specific design needs, and will not get in the way of PCI compliance issues.

3. We Increase Your Customer Satisfaction:
We work directly with the customer and installer from order confirmation to installation completion. This benefits your labor expense line items while greatly increasing the satisfaction ratings linked to buying HVAC equipment online through your website.

4. Bring New Products and Customers Online:
Integrating with our Installer Network allows you to widen your selection of HVAC equipment brands almost overnight. As a humble partner, we put your site and branding first, making sure every customer of yours who becomes a lead of ours knows that you’re deserving of their thanks, praise and loyalty.


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