Are you a Retailer interested in selling HVAC Products to Consumers?

If so, you need a National Network of Licensed Installers.

That’s why we’re here.

MyEZInstall is a National Network of Licensed HVAC contractors who are willing to provide installation services for customers who purchase their products directly from Retailers and Ecommerce Websites.

Why is it necessary?

Manufacturers will not honor their warranty to the customer if the equipment purchased is not installed by a licensed contractor. If you’re currently a retailer of HVAC products, you probably understand the importance of 1) Customers needing to find an installer in their area, and 2) Having a strong relationship with Manufacturers so your customers’ warranties are valid when they purchase from you.

We’re ready to work with you.

Our network of licensed contractors are ready to serve your customers. Contact us now to begin our simple integration process.