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Date: July 2018
Type: LinkedIn Featured Article
Title: “Innovate or Die - Does the Home Service Industry Have One Foot in the Grave?”
Written by: Tersh Blissett
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Preview: “In business we have 2 choices when it comes to innovative technology: 1. We can stick our heels in the mud and refuse to change & adapt to the changing in our surroundings, 2. We can be the leaders of the innovation, and become someone who is the expert to others as they make the leap…People like Chris Rush of fall into the second group mentioned at the beginning of this article. These individuals take the bull by the horn, or so the saying goes, and they innovate!”

Date: June 2018
Type: Editorial
Publication: Today’s A/C & Regrigeration News
Title: “ Is A New Approach To Online Sales”
Written by: Jeff Schlichenmeyer
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Preview: “Consumers are buying HVAC products directly from suppliers both online and retail. This method is increasing. They both have something in common, the need for licensed contractors to install their purchases. Contractors can now capitalize on the growing online market for direct-to-consumer HVAC/R equipment” sales through the free platform.”

Date: March 2018
Type: Editorial Publication: Distribution Center Magazine (now The ACHR News, Distribution Trends)
Title: “Does HVACR Distribution’s Future Fit Into E-commerce’s Shopping Cart?”
Written by: Herb Woerpel
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Preview: “Born and raised into a family of HVAC distributors, Chris Rush is well-versed in the HVACR supply chain. Today, he’s the Founder and CEO of MyEZInstall, a network of licensed HVACR contractors designed to provide service to customers after they’ve purchased HVACR equipment online. Rush believes MyEZInstall could help bridge the gap between consumer-direct sales and two-step distribution on behalf of the professionalism that exists today in the HVACR industry.”

Date: March 2018
Type: Press Release, Top Story
Publication: HVAC Web Connection
Title: “Free Online Customer Referral Network Reimagines The Consumer-Direct HVAC/R Equipment Supply Chain”
Written by: O’Reilly DePalma PR
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Preview: “We’re allowing contractors to retain all their install fees, and to grow their service base for free,” explains Chris Rush, Founder and CEO of MyEZInstall. “In return, homeowners get a product that’s sized and installed correctly, and HVAC/R manufacturers get to keep their warranty promises. The websites win too. Every segment of the industry can benefit from this solution.”

Date: January 2018
Type: Product Focus eBlast
Publication: The ACHR News
Title: “MyEZInstall: The Referral Network that Makes YOU a Vital Part of the HVAC Consumer-Direct Solution”
Written by: O’Reilly DePalma PR
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Preview: “The MyEZInstall customer referral network is specifically designed to make the consumer-direct sales channel more profitable for contractors. How do we do that? For starters, it’s free to join, the leads we send are free, members keep 100% of their install fee on every job…”

Date: January 2018
Type: Feature Article - “What’s New” section
Publication: The ACHR News
Title: “MyEZInstall: Referral Network”
Written by: O’Reilly DePalma PR
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Preview: “Contractors can now capitalize on the growing $150 million-per-year consumer-direct HVAC equipment sales channel by joining the MyEZInstall network. It’s free to join, there’s no cost for leads, and members are allowed to quote their labor as they see fit while retaining 100 percent of their install fee.”


Date: July 2018
Type: National Editorial Podcast
Podcast Name: Service Business Mastery (Blue Collar Roots Network)
Title: “How to stay in business with the rise of internet sales of HVAC systems”
Hosted by: Tersh Blissett with guest, MyEZInstall Founder and CEO, Chris Rush
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Preview: “How do we stay relevant in the future with all of the internet sales of HVAC equipment? We often complain about companies selling systems on the internet, but now there is a way for us to still make our normal margins from these same customers.”

Date: April 2018
Type: National Editorial Podcast
Podcast Name: The ACHR News Podcasts
Title: “Connecting Customers with Contractors”
Hosted by: Samantha Sine with guest, MyEZInstall Founder and CEO, Chris Rush
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Preview: “In this podcast, Chris Rush, Founder and CEO of MyEZInstall, discusses what MyEZInstall is, what the benefits of using it are, and the company’s new beta program.”


Date: May 2018
Type: National Webinar
Webinar Name: The ACHR News Webinars
Title: “HVAC’s B2C eCommerce Solution”
Hosted by: Ian Witherspoon with guest, MyEZInstall Founder and CEO, Chris Rush
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Preview: “Do you feel like every Customer Referral Network is trying to profit off your good work and hard-earned expertise? Do you feel unprotected, as a result, by the organizations that should be supporting you? Do you feel like you have too little control over what’s happening online? Well so do we. And although it’s nobody’s fault, it…ends…NOW. For the ENTIRE industry: the online threat is over. Find out how your business will not only survive, but thrive in the face of trending B2C e-Commerce sales…for FREE. Sound fun? Tune in!”


“We are a family owned and operated company who joined MyEZInstall to grow our residential service base”
- Dav Pro Parts and Service, Plant City, FL -

“I joined MyEZInstall to align my business with the next wave of consumers. The new generation of homeowners have embraced online purchases. Home services will be no different. Now as most of my competition is sticking with traditional ways of selling we will be waiting for customers from the web.”
- Community Cooling and Heating, New Bern, NC -

“We need a way of dealing with internet sales in the HVAC industry. MyEZInstall sounds like a great way to mitigate a challenging issue”
- D. Lafferty Heating, Cambria, CA -

“We joined the MyEZInstall Network to receive quality leads and to help online customers.”
- AAA Air Care, Dothan, AL -

“We are always looking for other ways to market our brand. When I found EZ Install, it seemed likeit would be a great way to market our business. This may be 180 degree different than the other networks.”
- Minnick’s HVAC, Laurel, MD -

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